Timeline of Accomplishments

It is a long standing tradition in the Thomason SCAN lab to celebrate victories of all shapes and sizes (no matter how small). Since the lab’s inception in 2011, we have maintained a “wall of victories”, and here is some of what we have to share!

2/2018: Dr. Thomason is nominated for a Faculty Engagement Award, part of the 2018 Annual Wayne State University Spirit of Community Awards

2/2018: Dr. Thomason gives plenary lecture at the Canadian National Perinatal Research Meeting, February, Banff, Alberta, Canada

2/2018: Toni Lewis accepted as a volunteer at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting in Boston

12/2017: Postdoctoral Fellow, Marion van den Heuvel, accepts a tenure-track faculty position at Tilburg University, The Netherlands, in the Department of Cognitive Neuropsychology

11/2017: Sophia Neuenfeldt accepted into WSU School of Medicine

11/2017:  Sahi Karra receives a poster award at the UROP 2017 undergraduate research conference

05/2017: Work from Scan Lab is featured in National Geographic

03/2017: Dr. Thomason’s proposal, “Connectomic insights into brain development before birth”, has been selected for inclusion as a symposia at the 2017 OHBM Meeting. The session will include presentations by Georg Langs (Vienna/MIT), Martijn P. van den Heuvel (Utrecht), Dustin Scheinost (Yale), and Moriah Thomason (WSU).

03/2017: Toni presents poster “Higher dispositional greed is associated with less sharing in children” at the Wayne State Undergraduate Research Symposium and wins an award.

03/2017: Marion receives first place Award for poster presentation at the Graduate and Postdoctoral Symposium at Wayne State.

2/2017: SCANlab research featured in the journal Nature Medicine, “Womb zoom: What advances in fetal and newborn imaging have revealed” (LINK TO ARTICLE)

1/2017: SCANlab research research featured in the journal, Science, “Pioneering study images activity in fetal brains” (LINK TO ARTICLE)

01/2017: Marion receives an early career travel award from SRCD.

01/2017: Drs. Thomason and van den Heuvel’s research symposium, “Operations of the prenatal and early postnatal brain” accepted for presentation at the 2017 SRCD Meeting. Speakers will include Moriah Thomason (WSU), Veronika Schöpf (Gratz), Elise Turk (Utrecht), and Magdalena Sanz-Cortes (Baylor).

01/2017: Dr. Thomason presents research in the Department of Psychology at Columbia University, and at the Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health at the Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai, New York

11/2016: Dr. Thomason’s invited science submission selected by the program committee to be presented at the PAS 2017 Meeting. The session, “Connectomic insights into antenatal brain development and the prematurity syndrome”, will feature talks by Moriah Thomason (WSU), David Edwards (King’s College), Georg Langs (Vienna/MIT), Catherine Limperopoulos (Children’s National), and Heidi Feldman (Stanford).

10/2016: Dr. Thomason is invited to chair, The Science of Team Science, Researchers in Biobehavioral Health in Urban Settings Today (RoBUST) 2nd Annual Meeting in Detroit.

09/2016: ECHO begins piloting.

09/2016: Saige and Jasmine present posters at Resting State Brain Connectivity conference in Vienna, Austria.

09/2016: Janessa, Marion, and Narcis present posters at FLUX conference in St. Louis, MO.

9/2016: Dr. Thomason serves as an invited chair at The Science of Team Science meeting of Researchers in Biobehavioral Health in Urban Settings Today (RoBUST) at their 2nd Annual Meeting, October, Detroit, MI

07/2016: ECHO 4-year follow up visit is approved by the IRB.

07/2016: Dr. Thomason’s NIMH BRAINS R01, “Longitudinal assessment of the human fetal neural connectome” is funded.

06/2016:  Janessa is awarded a travel grant to attend FLUX conference.

06/2016: Dr. Thomason is invited to chair, “Early Brain Development” oral session at the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Organization of Human Brain Mapping in Geneva, Switzerland.

06/2016: Our research is featured in meeting highlights, presented by Dr. Karen Berman at OHBM.

4/2016: Dr. Thomason acknowledged with the Psi Chi National Psychology Honor Society Outstanding Mentor Award for mentorship of Clara Zundel

04/2016: Dr. Hilary Marusak successfully defends her dissertation: “Childhood trauma and emotion processing neurocircuitry” and is awarded a PhD from the Translational Neuroscience Program, Wayne State University School of Medicine.

04/2016: Clara is accepted to Boston University’s Behavioral Neurosciences PhD program.

03/2016: Dr. Thomason’s NIMH BRAINS R01 receives a score of 15.

03/2016: Jasmine is awarded the Psychology Achievement Scholarship.

02/2016: SCAN Lab welcomes new post-doc, Dr. Marion van den Heuvel, joining us from Tilburg University. She is of the very first recipients of the competitive Wayne State University RoBUST Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards.

11/2015: Natalia is accepted to MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine.

11/2015: Dr. Thomason is a speaker at the 3rd Conference of the Society for New Fetal Medicine and Science, November, Takamatsu, Japan

10/2015: Dr. Thomason interviewed on All Things Considered, National Public Radio (NPR), “Weak Brain Connections May Link Premature Birth And Later Disorders”.

10/2015: Scientific Abstract Media Distinction, Society for Neuroscience (SfN) 45th annual meeting, Chicago, IL; 70 abstracts selected from more than 15,000 submitted.

06/2015: SCAN Lab welcomes new lab manager, Narcis Marshall from UCLA.

06/2015: Dr. Thomason recieves President’s Research Enhancement Program Award, Integrative Biosciences, Wayne State University

06/2015: Dr. Thomason is invited to be a keynote speaker, Dementia in Neurological and Mental Disorders Meeting, June, Lille, France.

05/2015: Dr. Thomason invited to serve as Direct Submission Editor by the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science (PNAS) editorial office

04/2015: Jasmine wins WSU undergraduate research and Mid-East Honors Association poster competitions.

03/2015: Klodia is accepted at MSU College of Medicine.

02/2015: Dr. Thomason’s R21 grant on the 32-month follow up receives 6% top score.

09/2014: Dr. Thomason featured as a part of WSU’s annual fundraising campaign.

07/2014: Drs. Thomason and Manning attend Connectivity conference in Boston.

05/2014: Dr. Thomason receives funding through the President’s research enhancement program: BRAIN Research

04/2014: Rita is accepted to MSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine.

03/2014: SCAN Lab welcomes Dr. Janessa Manning.

02/2014: Hilary successfully recieves doctoral candidacy status at WSU.

4/2014: Dr. Thomason acknowledged with the Psi Chi National Psychology Honor Society Outstanding Mentor Award for mentorship of Nisha Kuruvadi

12/2013: Tim is accepted to MSU College of Human Medicine.

11/2013: Danya is accepted to WSU School of Medicine, Sonja accepted to St. George’s School of Medicine.

10/2013: Ali is accepted to Kentucky Medical School.

07/2013: SCAN Lab welcomes Angela and Lauren.

03/2013: AnxEpi enrolls its 100th subject.

03/2013: Amy’s 1st first author paper is accepted.

02/2013: Rupal and Maya are accepted at WSU School of Medicine, and Matt is accepted at UofM’s Dental School.

01/2013: Science Translational Medicine paper is accepted and is on the cover.

12/2012: AnxEpi receives Detroit Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency & Guidance Center support for recruitment.

11/2012: Kayla and Maria are accepted at WSU School of Medicine.

08/2012: SCAN Lab awarded NARSAD grant to study PTSD epigenetic in youth.

07/2012: Drs. Thomason and Pappas awarded perinatal virtual discovery grant.

05/2012: SCAN Lab attends local SFN conference.

04/2012: Stephen is accepted at WSU School of Medicine.

02/2012: Andrea is accepted at MSU College of Medicine.

11/2011: SCAN Lab welcomes Amy and Andrea.

10/2011: Fetal IRB is approved.

08/2011: First behavioral session run.

05/2011: AnxEpi IRB is approved.

04/2011: Dr. Thomason is accepted as faculty for Translational Neuroscience program.