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April 21, 2015
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June 29, 2015
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SCAN Lab Research Job Available for Recent Graduates

Our lab seeks applicants for one full-time research assistant. The position will involve facilitation of research utilizing functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Our laboratory is focused on mapping functional and connectional architecture of the developing brain. Projects are centered on the fetal and early adolescent periods, as sensitive periods in human development.

You will be trained in fMRI image analyses, will manage lab personnel, and will oversee lab operations. You will gain skills in image processing, management, and communication. You will also experience close collaboration with clinical partners. Historically, those that have held this position for two or more years have also authored abstracts and research papers that result from the work. This position is typically a stepping-stone in a research or clinical career. Students that hold this position often go on to enter graduate programs or medical school.

Essential Functions
• Overseeing collection of research data on a 3 Tesla research magnet
• Responsibility for neuroimaging data (e.g., file transfers, back ups,
data security, quality)
• Developing and fine-tuning innovative methods for fMRI data analysis
• Providing research staff and project collaborators with support and
training regarding fMRI and data analysis processes
• Managing participant trackers and patient medical records, while in full
compliance with protection of human subjects and matters of
• Lab management tasks (e.g., scheduling lab meetings, setting up
audio/visual equipment, computer/software upkeep, placing orders,
tracking budget)
• Coordination of graduate and undergraduate volunteer recruitment
and onboarding, including hiring and assigning lab tasks

• BA or BS degree in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience,
Biology, or a related field; engineering or other technical degrees will
also be considered
• Excellent interpersonal/organizational/multi-tasking/problem solving
• Enthusiastic and determined individuals with a willingness to learn
• Able to make a 2 year commitment
• Computer skills (e.g. Microsoft Office). Proficiency with statistical
software (SPSS, R or other), or experimental software (pschtoolbox,
EPrime or other), will be given preference

Additional Benefits
• Opportunity to meet professionals in a variety of fields (e.g., experts in
the etiology and treatment of a variety of psychological disorders, in
magnetic resonance technology, and in other areas of Neuroscience)
• Opportunity for travel to international meetings to present abstracts

• Applicants please apply at posting: 040956, or contact for more information

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